July 20, 2021

Smartlife Home Automation Platform: UI/UX Design

Enhancing the Smartlife Home Automation Product User Experience through Website, Mobile App, and Admin Dashboard Design


Website, Mobile Application, & Admin Dashboard UI/UX Design

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    Smartlife NZ

Open Project
Smartlife Home Automation Mobile Application & Web Based Admin Dashboard User Interface Design by Blace Creative

Requirement :
Designing a Mobile Application and Web-Based Admin Panel for Smartlife's Smart Home & Automation Product.

The mobile application would be used by end customers to interact with the product, while the web-based admin panel would be used by installers and managers to install, configure, customize, and manage the product’s operations.

Our challenge was to design two interfaces that are visually cohesive yet functionally distinct, with a focus on ease-of-use and intuitive navigation for both end customers and installers.

Solution :
Creating Applications that are Functional, Aesthetically Pleasing, and Aligned with Users, Brand, and Business Objectives.

A clean and intuitive mobile application for end customers, and a powerful and efficient web-based admin panel for installers and managers.

Our approach prioritized visual clarity, consistency, and ease of use, resulting in two visually cohesive interfaces that are functionally distinct, aligned with Smartlife’s brand identity and values, and tailored to the needs of their target audience.

Smartlife Home Automation Web Based Admin Dashboard User Interface Design by Blace Creative

User Interface (UI) Design:
Futuristic Minimal Design System

We developed a design system for Smartlife’s mobile app to ensure a consistent user experience. We selected a color palette, typography, custom visual elements, and reusable components that reflected Smartlife’s brand identity and values.

This approach resulted in a functional and visually appealing interface that’s easy to use and engage with, providing a smart user experience for a highly complex digital product.

User Interface (UI) Design:
Mobile Application

Designing the mobile application was a critical aspect of our solution, as we faced multiple challenges related to integrating numerous features and functionalities.

To address these challenges, we implemented a unique navigation system that went beyond traditional application workflows. By leveraging user flows and journey maps, we created a seamless, user-friendly experience that was accessible to all.

Smartlife UI Design-Mobile-UI-Splash_Cover by Blace Creative

Mobile Application
We Wireframe, Prototype, and Designed a Total of 106 Screens, Including 45 Status Screens, to Create a Greater User Experience.

Our team worked tirelessly to design the SmartLife Mobile Application, ensuring that every aspect of the user experience was carefully considered. With wireframing, prototyping, and detailed design, we crafted a total of 106 screens, including 45 status screens, to ensure that the app was intuitive and easy to use.

Smartlife Home Automation Mobile Application User Interface Design by Blace Creative

User Interface (UI) Design:
Web Based Dashboard Applicaiton

When designing the Web-Based Admin Dashboard, we prioritized simplicity, functionality, and a seamless user flow. Despite the complexity of the backend, we kept everything super simple and ensured the dashboard was responsive for easy access across devices.

The result was a user-friendly and responsive dashboard that met the needs of Smartlife’s administrators and managers.

Smartlife Home Automation Web Based Admin Dashboard User Interface Design by Blace Creative

Web-Based Admin Dashboard
Designing 200+ Custom Screens for Seamless User Journeys

Creating the Admin Dashboard was a complex and challenging task that required a crucial approach. Our team designed over 200 interaction screens to match the user journeys and flows identified during the user experience design process. Through careful attention to detail, we ensured that the Dashboard was intuitive, user-friendly, and functional, with a seamless flow that allows administrators to manage their systems easily.

Smartlife Home Automation Mobile Application & Web Based Admin Dashboard User Interface Design by Blace Creative

Results: Revolutionizing Home Automation
SmartLife and Blace Creative Team Up to Create Custom Solution for Enhanced User Experience

Collaboration between SmartLife and Blace Creative results in exceptional product that simplifies complex tasks and meets unique requirements of the client.

In conclusion, collaboration with Smartlife on this project was a resounding success, and we were thrilled to help our client achieve their goals.

Our team worked tirelessly to design an exceptional user experience that caters to every need and enhances productivity. Through extensive research, wireframing, prototyping, and testing, we crafted a custom solution that meets the unique requirements of the client and their end-users.

We are proud to have played a pivotal role in creating a world-class product that not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations. At Blace Creative, we are committed to delivering innovative and effective solutions that empower businesses to achieve their goals, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Smartlife in the future.

Client's Feedback:

We're thrilled with the brand identity that Blace Creative designed for us. Their creativity and attention to detail were exceptional, and we highly recommend them.

Blace Creative designed a brand identity that perfectly captures our restaurant’s values and mission. The use of the basil leaf and cursive font gives it a friendly, organic feel, while the dark charcoal gray and green colors represent elegance and health. Their attention to detail and creativity helped us stand out in a competitive market, and we’re grateful for their exceptional work.

Munna Al Aziri
Founder/ Basil – A Healthy Kitchen

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