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July 20, 2021

Fibcy: A Branding Success Story

Standing Out in a Saturated Market: How We Helped Fibcy Differentiate Themselves by Crafting Fibcy’s Brand Identity: A Case Study


Developing a Brand Name & Brand Identity for FIBC Bags Manufacture

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Open Project

A leading FIBC supplier in Sri Lanka needed a brand name and a brand identity

It would like to differentiate itself from competitors and communicate its focus on innovation, durability, and safe storage. Our agency was tasked with developing a brand name and brand identity that would achieve these goals.

The Innovative FIBC Industry Leader with a Unique and Memorable Brand Identity

To develop a unique and memorable brand identity, we conducted extensive research into the FIBC industry and the target audience. We create a mix of descriptive and made up name and word-mark typographical logo to represent the brand. 

Brand Naming:
Strategy - A mix of Descriptive + Made Up

After conducting thorough research, we generated a selection of brand names, with Fibcy being the final choice made by the client. Our decision to opt for Fibcy was based on its distinctive and memorable sound, which we deemed essential in setting the brand apart from its competitors.

Furthermore, we considered the .com domain name availability to ensure that the brand would be visible and easily discoverable.

Logo Designing:
Type - Word-Mark Typographical Logo

The typographical or word-mark logo we designed for Fibcy features a custom typeface that is modern, clean, and legible. The logo’s simplicity and legibility make it easily recognizable and memorable, contributing to increased brand recognition and recall among Fibcy’s target audience.

Overall, the typographical or word-mark logo effectively communicates Fibcy’s focus on innovation, collaboration, and environmental sustainability, while also standing out in a crowded market of FIBC suppliers.

Before After

Growth and Recognition: The Impressive Outcomes of Fibcy's Branding Collaboration

Our collaboration with Fibcy resulted in the following outcomes:

Increased brand recognition:
The new brand identity, including the unique and memorable name “Fibcy” and its modern icon, helped Fibcy stand out from competitors, increasing brand recognition and recall among the target audience.

Improved brand perception:
The new brand identity effectively communicated Fibcy’s focus on innovation, durability, and safe storage, improving brand perception and establishing Fibcy as a leading FIBC supplier in Sri Lanka.

Boosted customer engagement:
The new brand identity received positive feedback from customers, leading to increased engagement and interest in Fibcy’s products and services.

Higher sales and revenue:
The new brand identity helped Fibcy attract new customers and expand its customer base, resulting in increased sales and revenue for the company.

How a Well-Crafted Brand Identity Led to Increased Sales and Revenue for Fibcy

In conclusion, our agency’s collaboration with Fibcy was a branding success story that resulted in increased brand recognition, improved brand perception, boosted customer engagement, and higher sales and revenue for the company.

Our research and design work on Fibcy’s brand name and identity effectively communicated the company’s focus on innovation, durability, and safe storage, while also distinguishing Fibcy from competitors.

We are proud of the results achieved together and look forward to continuing our work with Fibcy in the future.

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