July 20, 2021

Collectors Lounge Cafe – Brand Identity Design

Designing a Logo that Speaks to Collectors Café’s Unique Blend of Art, Hobbies, Innovation, and Food.


Creating a Brand Identity for a Lounge that Serves as a Popular Hangout Spot for Artists

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Request :
Creating a Modern Minimalistic Brand Identity Design for Collector's Lounge Cafe.

The Collector’s Lounge Cafe (CLC) is a popular hangout spot for artists and creatives. The owner of the cafe requested a modern minimalistic brand identity that reflects the unique personality of the cafe.

Creating an unique, simple yet powerful brand name and identity to represent the company.

To create a modern and minimalistic brand identity, we focused on clean and clear typography and a contemporary style. We designed a logo that was simple yet sophisticated and reflective of the cafe’s atmosphere. We also created a responsive version of the logo to make the brand implementation process smooth and efficient.

Logo Designing:

Combination Mark

For the Collector’s Lounge Cafe (CLC), we created a modern, modular logo using the cafe’s initials to form a circular element that reflects the artistic atmosphere. The design process involved exploring various font styles and layouts to find a balance between simplicity and sophistication. The monochromatic color scheme and modular design make the logo easily applicable to a range of mediums while maintaining a consistent brand identity.

Before After

Design Language:
Modern Contemporary

The brand identity was implemented across a variety of applications, including business cards, menus, and signage. The clean, contemporary style of the design was maintained across all applications, creating a consistent brand image. The responsive version of the logo was particularly helpful in ensuring that the brand identity was displayed correctly across all devices and platforms.

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We created a modern, minimalist brand identity for the Collector’s Lounge Cafe that reflects its unique personality and artistic atmosphere. The simple and elegant design is versatile and easy to implement across various applications. With a responsive logo, the brand identity is displayed consistently across all devices and platforms.

Overall, we’re confident that the new brand identity will help the cafe continue to thrive as a popular hangout spot for artists and creatives.

Client's Feedback:

Blace Creative has done an amazing job designing our new brand identity for the Collector's Lounge Cafe.

We hired Blace Creative to create a brand identity for our cafe, and they did an amazing job! The logo design they created perfectly captures our artistic atmosphere and unique personality. The team was professional, easy to work with, and delivered a final product that exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with the new brand identity and would highly recommend Blace to anyone looking for a creative and effective branding solution.

Sarah Johnson
Owner of Collector’s Lounge Cafe

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