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January 7, 2023

Ceyloe: An Authentic & Modern Brand Building

Creating an Authentic, Descriptive, and Memorable Brand Name & Identity for A Natural Gemstones Store to Create a Global Impact.


Developing a Brand Name & Brand Identity for Natural Gemstones Store

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Open Project

A Challenge to Create a Brand That Would Be Both Authentic and Appealing to a Global Audience.

The client needed a brand name and visual identity that would effectively communicate the quality and beauty of their gemstones, and set them apart from competitors in the industry.

Their main challenge was to establish a strong brand identity that could effectively communicate the quality and beauty of their gemstones to a wider audience. They were looking for a brand name that would reflect the unique qualities of their gemstones and a visual identity that would be both sophisticated and timeless.

Balancing Roots and Modernity in Creating an Authentic and Minimal Brand Identity

As part of our branding efforts for a natural gemstones store, we wanted to create an authentic, descriptive, and memorable brand name that would make a global impact. After conducting extensive research on the gemstone industry and Sri Lankan culture, we were inspired by the country’s heritage and association with high-quality natural gemstones.

Crafting the Perfect Brand Name
A mix of Geographical + Made Up Naming Strategy

We chose the name “Ceyloe“, which is inspired by the former name of Sri Lanka, “Ceylon”. This reference to the country’s heritage reinforces the authenticity of the gemstones and creates a strong association with Sri Lanka, a country renowned for producing exceptional quality gemstones.

Designing the Visual Identity
Typographical & an Icon Blend Together as a Combination Mark

We created a modern and authentic logo for Ceyloe, using a sapphire-shaped icon inspired by the shape of the ‘O’ in the name. The simple typography with all lowercase letters gives the logo a minimal and sophisticated look, while blue and gold represent trust, calmness, and luxury, reflecting the natural gemstones offered by the brand.

Brand Deliverables:
Complete Visual Brand Guideline

Ceyloe brand guidelines were designed to ensure consistency and authenticity while allowing for flexibility. The guidelines include a blue and gold color palette, Montserrat typography, and the iconic sapphire-shaped ‘O’ as a logo element. Guidelines provide direction on logo usage and spacing, maintaining consistency in the brand’s visual identity across all mediums.

Achieving Results:
Elevating Ceyloe's Reputation: Establishing the Sri Lankan Gemstones Dealer as a Leading Authority in the Industry

The new brand identity received positive feedback from stakeholders and industry peers, who praised the elegant, sophisticated design.

The brand name and visual identity effectively communicated the unique quality and beauty of Sri Lankan gemstones, establishing Ceyloe as a leading authority in the natural gemstones industry.

Building a Successful Brand Identity for Ceyloe: A Result of Client Collaboration and Comprehensive Research

By working closely with the client and conducting thorough research, our agency was able to develop a brand identity that effectively communicated the quality and beauty of Ceyloe Gemstones.

The brand name and logo design were carefully crafted to be memorable, easy to pronounce, and reflective of Sri Lankan culture. As a result, Ceyloe saw a significant increase in sales and international interest, establishing the brand as a leading authority in the natural gemstones industry.

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